Teaching Coding Concepts through Games

Teach Coding ConceptsIf you are wanting to include some programming logic in a computer course for your middle or high school student, there are so many ways to go about doing this.  More than almost any other subject, all things technical can be learned on the internet.  The key is to find the very best resources that fit your students’ learning style!

The sites listed below range from beginner to much more advanced coding.  The concept of learning through games is not just limited to younger kids, and these site are quite fun for adults.

website: www.codecombat.com
This is a fun site that I’ve used with middle and high school students.  It starts with basic concepts, and it used real code instead of pseudo code so that students can get used to the syntax.    There are courses available for purchase as well as 125 free levels that students can play in either JavaScript or Python.    The concept is to move around and play in a labyrinth type of game where you control the game play by correctly completing the coding task.

website: http://www.codeavengers.com
This website for high school and college students gamifies the process of learning HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Python, and JQuery.  There are free intro courses for JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.  Other courses cost $29 each, or you can get a teacher account and pay $25 for an annual license for each student.  If your student is serious about learning coding and likes the interface, the $25 annual license seems like a great deal.

website: http://www.codingame.com
This site is great for more advanced students who want to improve their coding skills or learn a new language.  It offers coding challenges using gaming concepts in a variety of different languages including PHP, JavaScript, C and about 20 others.  There are also contests and head-to-head challenges.

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